Discover your score

A simpler way to
be a better CEO

Plug in your data (from Xero, Excel or other sources) and our quarterly scorecard shows where you’re doing well, and not so well.

We then provide concrete actions, to help safeguard your business and personal finances, until you’re ready for a full-time FD.

With the right processes and alarms in place, you can sail close to the wind… and still sleep at night. Whether you’re a startup or early-stage business, finances are getting more complex.

It’s too early to employ a Finance Director, so you need to Own Your Numbers®. It’s key to your success.

20 simple questions to get you thinking

How much do you really know about your business finances? Your Actuals? Forecasts? Cashflow? Are you in control? Up to speed? Nervous?

There’s no data needed, just some honest reflection. You’ll receive a free initial scorecard, and can add a bespoke commentary video too.

Owning your numbers means...

  • Greater control

  • Business on Track

  • On top of filings

  • Clear view ahead

  • Credibility with investors

  • Sleeping better

Testimonials from CEOs
who Own Their Numbers

Ciaran has done something for me that nobody, including all my maths teachers, has ever been able to do. He has made numbers fun, interesting and understandable. You don't often meet people this good at numbers that can also communicate like a human being!

Melanie Lawson

Founder, Bare Biology

Owning my numbers gives me clarity and confidence while giving direction to the management team and the business as a whole. It provides re-assurance to our investors while enabling us to plan for growth, knowing how and where our model works.

Seb Royle

CEO & Founder - PLATF9RM

OYN has given us the confidence that we are in control of our business and of the numbers which make the difference between success & failure. It's a great tool to reassure me that we are on track and we haven't dropped a ball!

Stephanie Johnson

Founder and Co-CEO - Pollen + Grace

Business leaders need to focus on continuous improvements in performance and this comes with financial headaches. Having OYN watching your back empowers you to focus on your strengths, without losing control of your finances.

Den Leonard

Exec Chairman - Trading Apps

Many CEOs hope that 'numbers will fall into place', but they rarely do - YOU need to take action. OYN is a tool that lets you take control of your business' finances. If you feel doubt when asked "Are you in control of your numbers?" then I recommend you give this a try! I'm glad that I did.

Matt Greg

CEO, Nosy Marketing

Owning my numbers gives me huge confidence both running my business and also presenting/sharing financials with prospect investors

Rachel Springett

Founder - Maia Pictures

By owning our numbers, we are able to confidently run scenarios before making decisions. Whether that’s the implications of a potential sale or, entering a new market; our financials now contribute to our strategy, rather than just being a product of our strategy.

Richard Gunn

COO - hyperexponential

As a business leader - Own Your Numbers is the difference between your attention being in the wrong or right place. It’s that powerful.

Pete Hunt

Co-Founder, Wight Wellness

Founders often avoid numbers – they prefer to focus on what inspired them to start: product quality, customer delight, team strength. But to understand the real value of these things you need numbers. Only then can you see the real impact of the actions you take.

Barry Shaverin

Founder & CEO - Zip Now

Running my own business, I can certainly endorse the benefits of OYN – I feel more in control and make better decisions as a result. It also gives my Board and investors more confidence in our business.

Hugo Shephard

Managing Director - Role Models

Meet Ciaran
Founder and Virtual FD

After 12 years in strategy and finance roles with Hutchison Whampoa, Three and Carphone Warehouse, Ciaran was inspired to work with remarkable entrepreneurs and start-ups.

He founded Virtual FD in 2010, on a mission to help new businesses who needed that level of advice, but weren’t ready for a full-time position.

In the last 10 years, he’s advised over 50 start-ups and fast-growth businesses, leading him to be named CFO/Finance Director of the Year, British Accountancy Awards 2019. Own Your Numbers distills that experience, and is using it to help even more businesses. Like yours.

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